heat register
wood triangular baseboard register
front view wood baseboard heat register
damper open
wood baseboard grille with damper closed
30% upcharge 45% upcharge 55% upcharge 100% upcharge
Alder Red birch Antique heart pine Bamboo, Natural
Ash Cherry,Brazillian Australian cypress Bamboo, carbonized
Beech (steamed) Cherry, domestic Douglas fir (vertical) Bamboo, horiz grain
Maple (custom sizes) White oak,(rift/quarter) Goncalo alves Bamboo, vert grain
Birch Mahogany (Santos) Ipe  
Hickory red oak, rift/quarter New heart pine  
Poplar Chestnut,southern Mahogany,(Honduran)  
Southern yellow pine Walnut Maple, bird's eye  
Cedar   Merbau  
Eastern white pine      

Wood basevents

Your choice of red or white oak. Basevent slide/locks onto wall. Size is approximately 5 inches tall, with a projection of about 3.25 inches. Lots of wood choices, and custom lengths available also!

$34.95...15 inches long unfinished no damper
$44.95 15 inches long unfinished with damper
$37.95...18 inches long unfinished no damper
$47.95...18 inches long unfinished with damper

For clear natural finish add $9.95 Add $3.95 for maple in the above sizes shipping: 10%, but at least $12.95